Phil Worden: Hands of Peace acceptance

2007 Harvest Supper graphicThis special podcast features Maine attorney and civil liberties champion Phil Worden. Phil Worden, along with his colleague, attorney Lynne Williams, received the 2007 Hands of Peace award from the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine. This program is Phil Worden’s short but powerful acceptance speech given at the Center’s annual Harvest Supper event at the Unitarian Universalist church on Park Street in Bangor, Maine on Saturday October 13, 2007.

Update 12/28/2007: The shameless reactionary Jonah Goldberg has published a book called “Liberal Fascism.” Sheesh, what passes for conservative intellectualism these days! The blog Sadly, No! explains the folly here. Phil Worden would find the musings of Goldberg and the insufferable Glenn Reynolds beyond the pale in ignorance about the nature of real fascism. Orcinus explains that Goldberg merely repeats propaganda the Nazis created about themselves beginning eight decades ago.

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