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Stuart Acuff at EMLC July 4 event

Fiery union speech!

Recorded at Brewer, Maine on July 4, 2006

With the annual 4th of July celebration at the Eastern Maine Labor Council rapidly approaching, it’s a good time to re-watch the video of the incredible oratory AFL-CIO organizer Stuart Acuff gave at this event in 2006. You’ll just have to listen to it to get the full effect!

“…lies like none of us have expected since Richard Nixon…
they lied to get us into an un-necessary war,
they lied about torture,
they lied about extraordinary renditions,
and they have lied to deface and defame the honor of the United States of America…

“Bush trade policy has cost us 3 million good manufacturing jobs.”

–Stuart Acuff

This 10-minute video is edited slightly to fit into YouTube. The audio-only file, accessible below, plays as delivered.

Dennis Kucinich at 2004 Maine Democratic State Convention

Recorded in Portland, Maine May 22, 2004

This post is a test of the Podpress media player plugin. Dennis had and has it righter than any other Democrat.

March 18 demonstration in Bangor

The March 18 peace symbol event in Bangor, Maine was a strong anti-war statement given by 500 area people. recorded the event and produced a video that placed March 18 in context of anti-war activism in Bangor over the last four years:

This video also is posted at From Every Village Green.

Now, additional media is available. The podcast presented here includes audio of the entire event. Community radio WERU broadcast a short excerpt of this file along with other audio from peace events around the state on the March 24, 2006 Weekend Voices program. Below the fold is an archive image of the extraordinary newspaper coverage the event received.

download mp3

22 min; 25 MB; 160 kbps mp3; download link here ->

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